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Looking for the best kitchen cabinets in Des Moines IA? Well, you have come to the right place. Cabinets Des Moines is your one-stop location for any and all of your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our amazing employees.

Cabinets Des Moines

Welcome to Cabinets Des Moines! Your local Des Moines cabinet company that has been serving our area for years.

Finding quality cabinets in Des Moines IA can feel like quite a challenge. That is why we offer so many quality services under one roof. To save our customers both time and money when searching for a cabinet designer that can offer affordable cabinets in Des Moines.

As you began thinking about searching for local Des Moines cabinets you may have had some questions you needed answered. Questions like where can I find custom cabinets near me, where can I find locally made cabinets near me, who makes the best kitchen cabinets near me, or what is the cost of kitchen cabinets?

Don’t worry, we can answer all of these questions for you and more! This local Des Moines custom cabinets company is here for you! Call us today to schedule your free consultation and together we will begin work on cabinets you can proudly display.

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About Cabinets Des Moines

Cabinets Des Moines has been serving the area for years with experience in cabinet refacing in Des Moines as well as custom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and cabinet installation in Des Moines.

Our mission is to provide as many services as possible at one convenient location. This way we can save our customers both time and money.

Your local Des Moines kitchen cabinets are produced locally. You know when you purchase your cabinets that you are not just supporting a local Des Moines cabinets business. But you are getting quality kitchen cabinets in Des Moines that can last for years to come.

Our services move beyond just kitchen cabinets. You can also design and purchase locally made bathroom cabinets from Des Moines as well.

If you are looking for cheap cabinets in Des Moines we have special offers that can be presented to you during your free consultation as well.

Of all the cabinet companies in Des Moines, we are especially proud of our employees and the hard work they do for us each and every day. We always put our customers and their needs first. Making sure they have the best experience possible during every interaction.

Why Choose Us?

Cabinets Des Moines is dedicated to bringing high-quality service to custom cabinets Des Moines customers whenever possible.

We have years of combined experience in different areas, offering a wide range of services for our customers. We have established a foundation of trust within our community that our customers have come to depend on throughout our years in business.

Whether it is a pantry cabinet you want, white kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, or custom kitchen cabinets a Des Moines resident would be proud to say they purchased locally we can provide this quality service to you.

Cabinets Des Moines knows that there are some companies that would take advantage of their pricing by charging a high price for quality cabinets. While there are other companies that would sell cheap kitchen cabinets in Des Moines that would not stand the test of time. Whether they break or are simply worn down quickly.

Cabinets Des Moines believes in a middle ground. Serving our customers with a fair price as well as quality wood cabinets that can last for years. This is why we have so many customers that recommend our services and return to us with future projects.

Our free consultation is a great way to begin our business relationship. Our customers can get a good feel for our enthusiasm and love for the work we do. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing our customers’ faces when they look at their brand new cabinets for the first time.

Cabinets Des Moines follows a set of values that we teach to our employees as a foundation for good customer service.

  • Honesty
  • Dedication
  • Accountability

We expect our employees to be honest and transparent with our customers at all times. If a mistake is made, we expect that we will own up to that mistake so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We believe that honesty is especially important in the beginning stages of the consultation because it is regarding your money. We want you to have a clear expectation for what you should be planning to budget with.

Our entire company proudly displays dedication to their work and craft. Whether it is a consultant, installing the cabinets, or building them by hand. Our employees love the work they do and treat each step of the process with care and our finished products reflect that work.

Accountability is important when dealing with customers as well. Our employees are expected to be held accountable at all times. Whether they are showing up to scheduled appointments on time or owning up to a mistake they made.

If you have any doubt that we are experts in our field take a moment to review our customer testimonials. Our past customers were happy to tell their story because they want you to experience the same results they did.

You can also call us today with questions or schedule your free consultation. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with our work ethic and what you can expect when you purchase cabinets through our company.

What to Expect

Your first step was reaching out and looking through our site. Next, you will want to schedule your free consultation!

When you do you will meet with one of our fantastic employees and discuss your plans for your cabinets. This will be the time to bring up the budget and discuss overall costs for the project.

You will spend some time looking at samples we have on hand in the store and decide what your style and preferences are.

You will review different types of wood, molding, handles, and knobs. There are different layouts and styles you can choose from as well.

We will also want to visit the job site in person and take measurements. If it is a new construction project then we will discuss exactly when we will want to visit and take measurements of the site.

If you are looking at our cabinet refacing services then after the consultation process we will begin by removing your current doors and drawers leaving the empty cabinet boxes.

We will then refinish the outer edges of your current cabinets to match the new doors and drawers. After that, we will replace the doors, drawers, and hardware.

The overall process can be over quickly. What can delay the project completion time is if we need to order and ship special parts and materials we do not currently have.


Kitchen Cabinets

If you are ready for new kitchen cabinets or are looking to install new cabinets for your new construction project then our kitchen cabinets service is perfect for you. We can help you discover your personal preferences for your cabinets such as grey kitchen cabinets, white cabinets, and even handles for your cabinets. This is a great way to make your kitchen feel brand new and personal.

Bathroom Cabinets

Whether you are looking to replace your bathroom cabinets or currently do not have any under your sink bathroom cabinets are a wonderful way to make your bathroom feel new and improved. With added storage space, colors, and styles of your choosing you can guarantee a great new look in your bathroom. For the best bathroom cabinets, Des Moines has to offer, call today for your free consultation.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets don’t have to mean more money! Instead, think of it as personalizing. Yup, our team can help you personalize your own cabinets to your style and needs without having to spend more money than you planned!

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

If you have an outdoor cooking area, you may want to consider adding cabinets. What a fantastic and simple way to add style, class, and utilization of space to your outdoor area. Call us today and ask about our special materials and process to get your outdoor cabinets added today!

Cabinet Refacing

No need to replace your entire cabinet setup? Not to worry, our team has an answer for that too! Look into our cabinet refacing service. We will replace the current doors and drawers and match it to your current cabinet boxes. A simple and easy way to feel as though you have all brand new cabinets.

Discount Cabinets

Our company is proud to offer discounts and sales all throughout the year. Call us today and schedule your free consultation to receive more information on how you can save money today. High quality and the best discount cabinets Des Moines can offer you!

About Des Moines

Des Moines is the capital city of Iowa. Home to the Des Moines Art Center, which houses contemporary pieces, and the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. If you are someone who enjoys local produce and live music, then check out the Downtown Farmer’s Market.

The current unemployment rate is 3.0% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 6.0% while the national average is 6.2%

Surrounding cities include:

  • West Des Moines
  • Ankeny
  • Urbandale
  • Johnston
  • Altoona
  • Clive
  • Norwalk
  • Windsor Heights
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a certain kind of wood that I should ask for?

No, this will really depend on your preference. Certain types of wood will of course be more expensive, which may change your mind depending on your price range. But different wood has different colors and tones as well. So that will be something to keep in mind before trying to make a decision before your consultation.

Is there a charge for coming out to my house?

No! In fact, taking measurements of the job site is part of our free consultation process!

Who removes my old cabinets?

Cabinets are not particularly difficult to remove. However, if you would like us to handle this for you we would be happy too for a small additional fee. Please let your consultant know during your free consultation.

Customer Testimonials

This company was so great to work with. We sat down to discuss how we wanted our cabinets to look. They took great care in making sure every little detail was covered and when they delivered to cabinets to be installed they did not disappoint. They were exactly how we planned. Then when they installed the cabinets they did it quickly and efficiently. A very hard-working group of guys.

John C.

I am planning on selling my home and wanted all new cabinets put in throughout the entire house. They helped me design exactly what I was hoping for and the installation process was smooth and their work was incredible. It definitely made a difference when it came time to show the house. Thank you for your work, the cabinets made my kitchen and bathrooms look amazing.

Lacey R.

My mom recommended this company to me after she had bathroom cabinets put in. We decided to try new kitchen cabinets as a way to feel like a small remodel. The cherry color in our kitchen makes us feel like we are living in a 5 million dollar home. I love spending time in the kitchen now. I give you five stars for sure!

Brian H.

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Whatever your cabinet needs may be Cabinets Des Moines has a service to help you! Whether your bathroom or kitchen needs attention and cabinetwork we can help you design the perfect cabinets just for you!

Call us today with any questions or concerns you have regarding your cabinets. You can also call or visit us in person to schedule your free consultation. Don’t wait, your perfect and personalized cabinets are waiting for you!

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